"If you only knew the freedom"

Dean Kosage on Time Management:

"im constantly amazed at how much pain and emotional energy leaks are created because of people not planning out thier wks and months at a view . I believe some people fear that planning is going to micro manage them somehow to much . when in fact if done correctly it actualy frees you up. If you dont learn to work when you work / play when you play / and worship when you worship ...it will all just blog you down . So many familys could enjoy life so much more and have family traditions if someone would just lead and help the family get a wkly flow .
Its odd but humans love to work hard , and structure is a good thing as long as you have the ability to create that structure yourself.
If you only knew the freedom of not feeling guilty , and whats sad is some people can only find that place by escaping on the wknds by numbing it through fake highs . Now im all for having fun , as long as its not a way of avoiding pain !
We feel no guilt when we have taken the time to figure out who we are , where we are going , then feel we are on point with our mission statement or purpose ."


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