Not Feeling Entrepreneurial?

There's nearly 50% odds that the reason is genetic, according to a recent study.

The authors propose several methods by which genetic factors might influence people's tendency to become entrepreneurs. For example, genes may predispose an individual to develop traits such as being sociable and extroverted, which in turn facilitate skills such as salesmanship, which are vital to entrepreneurial success.

In addition, genes have been shown to affect the level of education an individual receives, and more highly educated people are likelier to become entrepreneurs because they are better able to recognize new business opportunities when they arise.

This study shows a clear genetic predisposition toward entrepreneurship and makes it now possible proceed with studies to identify the specific genes involved in being an entrepreneur.

Not that I'm trying to give anyone an excuse to not do something...

As the tagline for Gattaca says, "There Is No Gene For The Human Spirit."


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